Camp Chef Mountaineer: The Ultimate Compact Outdoor Cooking System

Let’s get straight to the point—the Camp Chef Mountaineer is the ultimate portable cooking system for car camping, overlanding, and road-tripping. If you’re all about munching on gourmet food while you’re kicking it in the dirt, there’s no better stove for you.

This propane-fueled beast pumps out impressive power from its two burners, and its spacious cooking area gives you the room you need to push around multiple full-sized pots and pans over the hot flames.

Camp Chef Mountaineer

Meet the Camp Chef Mountaineer.

The all-aluminum construction looks sharp, is lightweight and durable, and is easy to clean. A push-button igniter makes it so starting a flame is never any trouble. And the simmer control is on point.

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Mountaieer Specs

Designed for the outdoors.

Camp Chef Mountaineer Specifications

Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 16 lbs It’s hefty and powerful. You won’t want to carry it too far.
Burners 2 Dual full-size burners mean you can cook twice as much.
Material Aluminum body Durable, lightweight construction.
Heat Output (total) 40,000 BTUs Wicked hot.
Heat Output (per burner) 20,000 BTUs Boil water and fry up some goodies simultaneously.
Auto Ignition Yes. Push-button ignition.
Distance Between Burners 11.5″ Full-size pots and pans can be set next to each other.
Fule Type Propane Regulator and 5-foot hose included.
Closed Dimensions 25.25″ x 13.75″ x 5.25″ Like a big, latching briefcase.
Cooking Area 302 sq in Lots of space to work with.
Manufacturer Warranty One-year
Retail Price $350 At the higher end of the price range for its category, however, it’s a top-of-the-line stove.

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Camp Chef Mountaineer Closed

Let’s get cooking!

Unique Features of the Camp Chef Mountaineer

With the Camp Chef Mountaineer, your food options become endless. There’s no need to settle for prepackaged sandwiches, leftover chicken legs, or fast food—heck, even rehydrated meals can become a thing of the past.

Camp Chef Range

The best hiking food is made at camp.

A Range Worth Frying For

The Camp Chef Mountaineer is a supremely powerful two-burner stovetop with ample cooking space for your large pans, woks, and pots. With 40,000 BTUs of heat output, you can sear up steaks in a cast iron pan while boiling a pot of pasta at the same time.

Mountaineer Flames

Now that’s a range you want to cook on.

Each burner is capable of pumping out 20,000 BTUs on its own, which means that neither burner needs to sacrifice its flame to support the other—they can both be at full blast so long as you have the propane to fuel them. Not to mention, the included 5-foot hose and regulator make hooking up to full-sized propane tanks a breeze.

Camp Chef Regulator and Hose

There are smaller and larger propane tanks—hook up whichever size fits you best!

Similarly, the simmer control is outstanding. As quick and simple as it is to bring a crab pot to a boil, you can also dial the flame down low enough to cook crepes on a griddle or keep a pan warm while people serve themselves. The temperature dials are simple to operate and effective, and the push-button igniter works flawlessly.

Camp Chef hose

A simple and clean layout.

Lightweight and Durable Design

The raw aluminum construction of the Camp Chef Mountaineer gives it a rugged look that is matched by its inherent durability. It was designed to withstand being stuffed under a pile of gear in the back of your truck. It’ll handle messy cooking and rough handling with ease. Scratches and dents may show, but they won’t cause any loss of function.

Camp Chef Buttons

Pump up the heat!

The suitcase-style latch and handle keep this stove securely closed and make it easy to carry. Though its 16-pound weight may not be the lightest piece of gear you have at camp, the Camp Chef Mountaineer is surprisingly light for its size and capability, plus its carry handle makes it easy to transport from your car to the picnic table.

Mountaineer Windscreen

Ain’t no wind gonna ruin this cookout! We’re locked in tight.

Additionally, the latching lid folds up to act as a windscreen while you cook. Two side wings also fold out and can be securely latched to the base. Altogether, this provides three-sided wind protection that’s sturdier than the walls of your tent. This is as good as outdoor cooking can get.

How the Camp Chef Mountaineer Compares to other Compact Cooking Systems

There Camp Chef Mountaineer has a lot of competition out there in the portable cooking category, but there’s nothing quite like it.

Cam Chef Cooking Systems

What does your outdoor cooking setup look like?

Camp Chef Mountaineer vs. Coleman Dual-Fuel 2 Burner Stove

At first glance, the Coleman Dual-Fuel 2 Burner Stove looks a lot like the Mountaineer. The Coleman Duel-Fuel is much less powerful, though, putting out only 14,000 BTUs of heat, and its cooking area is quite a bit smaller too. It’ll do fine in a pinch, and its ability to use unleaded gasoline or Coleman Liquid Fuel provides versatility that some will appreciate, but overall, the Coleman Dual-Fuel is quite a large step down in cooking capability compared to the Mountaineer.

Camp Chef Mountaineer vs. Eureka Ignite Plus and Coleman Triton+

The Coleman Triton+ and Eureka Ignite Plus are more compact than the Mountaineer. They both utilize small propane canisters, rather than the larger tanks used for the Mountaineer, and each has about half the heat output of the Mountaineer as well. If compactness is more of a priority, you may be interested in going with one of these smaller stoves. However, besides the downgrade in size and power, they’re also less durable and have noticeably worse simmer control than the Mountaineer.

Camp Chef Mountaineer vs. Camp Chef Everest and Other Camp Chef Portable Cooking Systems

The Camp Chef Everest is a strong contender. It’s capable of pumping out as much heat as the Mountaineer while maintaining a smaller size and weight that’s closer to the Coleman Triton+. The Everest is even capable of using small 1-pound propane canisters and can be adapted to use larger propane tanks. The Camp Chef Mountaineer remains the top dog in Camp Chef’s portable outdoor cooking system lineup, though. Learn more about Camp Chef’s portable cooking systems in our recent roundup.

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Camp Chef Cooking

Chef Arthur will be taking care of your meal this evening.

Camp Chef is Here to Help You Make the Best Camping and Hiking Food

Camp Chef seeks to bring people together over a hot grill and good food. The company is staffed by outdoor adventurers and culinary experts. Camp Chef makes high-quality portable cooking systems, pellet grills, pizza ovens, and a wide range of other outdoor cooking supplies.

Camp Chef Mountaineer Food

Dinner is served!

See the Camp Chef Mountaineer, and learn more about Camp Chef.

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