Product Deep Dive: LARQ Bottle Filtered

The LARQ Bottle Filtered is a contemporary take on the water bottle and packs a couple of secret weapons that make it stand out from the rest.

For one, the LARQ Bottle Filtered provides a terrific drinking experience with its low-pressure straw and filter. You would never guess that you’re actually drinking through a filter, which can sometimes be a bit laborious on other filter bottles, especially as the filter gets older.

larq bottle filtered

Meet the LARQ Bottle Filtered.

What’s more, the LARQ Bottle Filtered might be the most stylish bottle on the market. It looks at home in any environment, and you’re sure to get an inquiring question or two about it when you run across other adventurers.

larq bottle filtered replacement service

Sign up for the subscription filter replacement service and save.

The insulated LARQ Bottle Filtered will keep your chosen liquids cool for 24 hours, and the non-insulated Movement version is as light as a feather.

For users who go through a lot of water, LARQ offers a subscription service that will save you money. The refill service will send you a new filter every two months at a 20% discount.

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LARQ Bottle Filtered Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 440g/550g For the 17oz and 25oz insulated options.
Type Insulated Filter Bottle Filter while you drink wherever you roam.
Material Stainless Steel Durable and long-lasting.
Filter Type Nano Zero and zerovalent iron technology and/or UV The filter traps and removes harmful and bad-tasting contaminants like microplastics, chemicals, and heavy metals. The optional UV cap destroys pathogens.
Replaceable Filters Yes, single-purchase or subscription. The filter is simple to replace, and the subscription model saves you money.
Filter Life Up to 40 gallons About 2 months of regular use.
Insulation Double-wall Keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours.
Colors Two Black and white
Capacity 17oz and 25oz Portable, and it’s great to have size options.
Sustainability Reduces single-use plastic Saves countless single-use bottles over its lifetime, or about 300 saved per filter.
Manufacturer Warranty 12 months Covers material and manufacturing defects.
Retail Price $58 A premium filtered bottle with features that make it worth it.

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Unique Features of the LARQ Bottle Filtered

The LARQ Bottle Filtered is unassuming from the outside with its simple lines and sleek accents. Inside, however, it is packed with functional features that transform this ordinary bottle into a hydration powerhouse.

Larq bottle filtered

See the integrated straw? LARQ nailed the drinking experience. It’s seamless.

Best in Class Filtration

Many hollow fiber filter membranes do a great job of filtering out harmful pathogens and will make sure your drinking water is potable.

However, the LARQ filter takes filtration several steps further by filtering out heavy metals like lead and many other pollutants. The brand calls its filter tech Nano Zero with zerovalent iron technology — a filter that attracts and traps heavy metals as well as microplastics, PFAS/PFOA, VOCs, agricultural chemicals, and more pollutants.

This is especially handy if you are traveling in areas with a rich history of mining, such as the high alpine of Colorado. You will find rusted pieces of metal and relics of old mines all over the high country of Colorado, and having a filter that can filter out metals is a real benefit.

Larq bottle filtered provides lots of options

Here is the bottle, internal filter, drinking straw cap, and Pure Vis UV Cap.

Optional UV PureVis Bottle Cap

Redundancy is a great thing to have when you’re traveling. The PureVis UV Bottle Cap from LARQ is a great accessory option for giving you a secondary source of filtration.

The cap threads right into the bottle and activates with a touch of a button. It utilizes a UV light embedded in the cap to purify your drinking water of pathogens, and it charges easily with the provided USB cable.

Want to know more about the LARQ PureVis? See our highlight article on the PureVis.

Larq pure vis cap

The PureVis Cap enables UV purification and self-cleaning functionality.

Detachable Carabiner

The LARQ Bottle Filtered includes a detachable carabiner so that you can clip it to a backpack, luggage, or literally anything else. The carabiner comes with the purchase of the bottle, and its design matches the color and style of the bottle you choose — which just looks cool, and sometimes that matters.

How the LARQ Bottle Filtered Compares to other Filter Bottles

The LARQ Bottle Filtered is a standout compared to the other options available. With durable metal construction, a subscription plan for filter replacement, and the optional Pure Vis UV Cap, this bottle provides a ton of features you won’t find elsewhere.

LARQ Bottle Filtered vs. LifeStraw Go

LifeStraw has become a trusted source for water filtration all across the globe. The major differences between the LifeStraw Go bottle and the LARQ Bottle Filtered are the filter and drinking experience. You will find the LifeStraw bottle significantly more difficult to drink from. The filter in the LifesStraw bottle itself is much larger, even though it doesn’t filter out heavy metals, so the drinking difficulty snowballs exponentially through the life of the filter until it becomes very hard to drink from. There also is no option for any type of UV filter cap for the LifeStraw bottle.

LARQ Bottle Filtered vs. Grayl

Grayl is known for its robust and powerful filtration systems. The GeoPress Filter Bottle combines rugged construction with one such powerful filter system. The Grayl filter also filters out heavy metals. However, the GeoPress Filter Bottle actually requires you to press the filter down through the bottle in order to remove the impurities. In contrast, the LARQ Bottle Filtered requires you simply sip to enjoy all the benefits of clean filtered water. You’ll also notice that the LARQ Bottle Filtered is better insulated, and Grayl does not offer a UV purifier for their bottle offerings.

LARQ Bottle Filtered vs. Katadyn BeFree Water Filter Bottle

The Katadyn BeFree Water Filter Bottle has become a staple for a lot of people. The simple scoop-and-sip style makes it easy to hydrate on the go. It has an ultralight construction which is a double-edged sword. Compared to the LARQ Bottle Filtered, the Katadyn BeFree is quite fragile. During the course of using it over a single season, you’ll find a lot of opportunities to puncture the material, whether snagging it on a branch while hiking the trail or scraping it over a jagged rock while collecting water. For durability, versatility, and all-around performance, the LARQ Bottle Filtered wins on all counts.

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Who is LARQ?

LARQ is known for its innovative bottle and filter designs, clean aesthetics, and class-leading filtration. Reducing single-use plastics is a priority for the brand, and they invite you to start mitigating your own usage by switching over to resuable bottles and pitchers. With high praise from various publications and countless users, LARQ has built a loyal following.

larq bottle filtered

The drinking experience with the LARQ Bottle Filtered is a pleasure.

See the LARQ Bottle Filtered, and learn more about LARQ.

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One response to “Product Deep Dive: LARQ Bottle Filtered

  1. Lu Dsays:

    Hi, thank you for this article/blog post. My boyfriend bought me the Larq PureVis for my birthday because he knows I will never leave the house without water and am terrible when it comes to cleaning my water bottle. I used to just top it up, instead of emptying the contents and then refilling it. So I have no idea how much bacteria is inside of that bottle. Think, stagnant water…. yuk. I am getting better but I hate wasting water.
    My at home 1.5litre glass bottle I would just fill up and drink from until mould would start building up on the rubber bung, I would only wipe the lip or mouth piece of the bottle every few days but I thought that the water would stay the same inside. I would only drink from a plastic bottle if I really had to. Glass is my favourite container to drink from. Plastic is my least favourite. Stainless steel, like larq is my second favourite however, so I have transitioned to my Larq PureVis bottle like a moth to a flame.

    I’m not saying you should never clean the larq purevis, but it makes in between cleans a lot more pleasant.

    My sister and her partner bought me an amazon voucher for my birthday, so I decided to buy the Filtered bottle cap from the official larq store on amazon. I haven’t tried it yet, because it was via amazon so delivery is a little longer (not very green, sorry). But all 3 have agreed that it is a good use of my birthday money, because I always need to know that I have fresh drinking water at all times.
    It is like a comfort blanket to me. I can rough it as much as anyone can handle, I have lived in some depraved environments. But the only thing that is important to me, is fresh drinking water.

    I’m financially poor AF, I would be able to save up for this but I am glad that it has been bought for me. I don’t see the point in useless gifts as a 29yo with no place to store it in my tiny flat. I want something that is going to help me make the most of my life and having clean drinking water wherever I am in this world is a huge privilege but also my safety blanket.

    Also, larq donates 5% of profits to bring fresh water to Well Aware. So I think it is definitely worth the buy. I will keep buying their filters direct from them. It is a very worth non profit organisation.

    I will update when I use the filter cap with my college water and also when I am camping.

    Thanks again for this article

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