Schwinn Coston DX Electric Bike: Every Ride is an Adventure

Unless you’ve been off the grid for about a decade, you’re probably well aware that electric bikes are becoming quite popular. Not only do they help to make cycling more accessible for those who may struggle to ride a push bike, but they also provide an eco-friendly alternative to cars, increase the mileage riders can cover, the overall speed for most cyclists, and can be cost-effective in the when compared to other methods of transport.

Schwinn Coston DX Electric Bike

Meet the Schwinn Coston DX Electric Bike.

There are many types of e-bikes on the market now with varying ranges, assists, and styles. With a reputation for producing some of the coolest cruisers on American roads, it’s no surprise that Schwinn’s contribution to the e-bike scene is nothing short of sexy. You may think sexy is not a term that is generally used for e-bikes, but trust us, it’s the right word for the Schwinn Coston DX Electric Bike.

Schwinn Coston DX

Multiple accessories are included with purchase.

The Schwinn Coston DX has all the functions one would want in a top-of-the-line Class II electric bike; good range, speed, and charge time, but it also has some seriously smooth additions that boost it to the next level, making it well worth the investment.

See the Schwinn Coston DX Electric Bike

Schwinn Coston DX Electric Bike Specifications


Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Motor 250-watt brushless geared hub drive motor This has got some juice for a Class II e-bike.
Range 45 miles per charge Average e-bike range is 15-35, so this is great.
Battery 360 watt-hour internal downtube battery Removable battery isn’t too heavy or clunky.
Recharge Time 5 Hours Not too shabby especially if you are using it as a commuter.
Max Speed 20 MPH Fast enough to get you in the traffic lanes downtown!
Controller 7 function LCD controller Easy access to power controls on your handlebars.
Drive System Pedal-assist and throttle The throttle is thumb controlled.
Lights Integrated LED frame light, head, and taillights Arguably the best feature of this bike. No need to buy light accessories!
Derailleur 7-speed, 13-34T Seven gears for easy shifting on the go.
Tires 27.5 in x 2.6 in, wire bead Versatile mid-width tires for balanced performance on and off the road.
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty 30-day returns and a warranty on defects.
Extras Rack included, 55 pound capacity Really nice to have a bike come with a rack already in place.
Size S/M-5’4-5’7  L/X-5’8-6’4 Runs large so size down if in doubt.
Retail Price $2099.99  Very good price when compared to similar e-bikes.

See the Schwinn Coston DX Electric Bike

Unique Features of the Schwinn Coston DX Electric Bike

Beyond hitting the necessary e-bike specs of good range, quick charge time, and a nice speed boost, the Coston DX has some other sweet perks.

The LED Frame light is an ingenious addition that, when combined with the headlight and taillight, makes this bike incredibly visible on the road and provides the rider with superb night vision. There’s no fear of forgetting your accessory lights or being stuck out on the road in the dark on this bike.

Additionally, the Schwinn Coston DX is made to carry that cargo. The rear rack is a helpful addition for any rider wanting to avoid the back pain and sweat of cycling many miles with a heavy backpack strapped to their shoulders. Perhaps the coolest bit on this bike is actually the secret storage compartment underneath the seat. It can easily accommodate a phone, keys, or any other important item you may wish to keep safe in a stealthy location.

It has to be mentioned that aesthetically, this e-bike is easy on the eyes. Schwinn does not disappoint in the style game, per usual. The frame is sleek as can be, in both the available step-through and step-over frames, which are available in 4 inviting colors. Hard to beat the dazzling emerald green—though they all look good.

Schwinn Electric Bike

One sleek-looking bike.

Built to ride comfortably

A stand-out feature of this e-bike is that the handlebars are raised higher than your average push-bike, allowing the rider to have an upright position. This feature greatly increases the comfort and ease of riding any distance. Add in the wider hybrid tires, which smoothly mask the bumps and allow for some off-roading, the decently lightweight aluminum frame, and some juice from the throttle, and you are sitting pretty for one comfortable ride.

Schwinn Coston DX Handlebars

High handlebars help with posture.

The Coston DX also comes outfitted with fenders that blend seamlessly with the design and will prevent nasty splash back on wet days. There isn’t much Schwinn hasn’t thought of when it comes to the Coston DX.

Coston DX Secret Compartment

A secret seat compartment!

How the Schwinn Coston DX 27.5 Electric Bike Compares to other E-bikes

There are many, many electric bicycles on the market. You could compare and contrast models for days on end, but here are a few top competitors to give you a good idea of what’s available.

Schwinn Coston DX vs. Charge XC

The Charge XC is an award-winning e-bike, and the Schwinn Coston DX matches or exceeds many of the specs and features offered by the XC. The bikes are quite similar, though the XC has a touch more off-road focus, while the DX has better on-road tires and performance. The kicker, though, is that the Charge XC is much more expensive, about $600 more than the Schwinn Coston DX. For our dollar, the choice is clear.

Schwinn Coston DX vs. Priority Current

The Priority Current is bigger than the Schwinn Coston DX in several ways — it has a bigger motor, a bigger battery, and a higher top speed, but it also has a much bigger price tag, over $1000 more. That said, despite all of those “bigger” features, its electric range is similar to that of the Schwinn Coston DX. So why spend so much more? Stick with the Schwinn.

Schwinn Coston DX vs. Prodigy Ride1UP

The Prodigy Ride1UP compares well against the Schwinn Coston DX on the surface, but when you peer deeper, you’ll discover where it is lacking. To start with, the Ride1UP is only available in a single size, limiting who can comfortably ride it right off the bat. Secondly, its equipped with thin touring tires, which is great if you have exceptionally long road distances to travel, but if you bike over anything except exceptionally smooth pavement, you’re going to want a hardier tire. And lastly, the warranty isn’t lifetime like with the Schwinn — the Prodigy Ride1UP only has a 1-year warranty.

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Who is Schwinn?

Schwinn has been the definitive bike brand in America for over 100 years. While you’ve likely cruised on one of their single speeds in your lifetime, or spared a nostalgic thought or two to the OG banana seat, don’t mistake Schwinn for all looks and no substance. While they don’t skimp on the style, Schwinn makes some seriously high-quality performance bicycles.

Schwinn Electric

This is Schwinn.

See the Schwinn Coston DX Electric Bike, and learn more about Schwinn.

For more information about electric bikes, see our introduction to e-bikes.

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