Spring Into Backpacking Giveaway! $2,500+ in Prizes

We have partnered with 11 incredible brands to give you first-class gear for your springtime Backpacking escapades!

Win over $2,500 in prizes! There will be two winners, First and Second Place. Enter with your email address, name, zip code, and age, and earn many additional entries by sharing with your friends, following participating brands on Instagram, and completing our Backpacker Type survey! The giveaway will run from April 22-29, 2021

Enter the Giveaway below, and while you wait to see if you won, check out some of our best outdoor guides.

Best Backpacking Backpacks

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Best Sleeping Pads for Backpacking

Best Sleeping Pad for Backpacking

Spring into Backpacking Giveaway Prizes

First Place

Astral Footwear $125 Gift Card

CloudLine $100 Gift Card

Cortazu Mountain Mid-Layer

Esbit Camp Stove & Fuel Bundle

Mizu Ultimate Adventure Kit & Prize Bundle

Mountainsmith Zerk 40 Backpack

Nature’s Willow Gift Pack

NatureBox $100 Gift Card

Platypus Hydration QuickDraw MicroFilter

ReadyWise Adventure Meals Favorites Kit + 2 Day Adventure Bag

Treefort Lifestyles Pack & Mask Prize Bundle

Backpackers.com Adventure Badge Stickers (2 of your choice!)

Best Hiking Boots


Second Place

Astral Footwear $125 Gift Card

CloudLine $100 Gift Card

Esbit Camp Stove & Fuel Bundle

Mizu Ultimate Adventure Kit & Prize Bundle

Mountainsmith Andesite Trekking Poles

NatureBox $100 Gift Card

Platypus Hydration QuickDraw MicroFilter

ReadyWise 3 Day Adventure Bag

Treefort Lifestyles Pack & Mask Prize Bundle

Backpackers.com Adventure Badge Stickers (2 of your choice!)

Backpackers.com Affiliate Policy: This post contains affiliate links, which help fund our website. When you click on the links to purchase the gear we get a commission, and this goes a long way to creating guides, gear reviews, and other excellent content.

Arthur McMahon

Arthur is Editor of Backpackers.com. He loves to walk. It's as simple as that. Whether it be in the mountains, on the beach, or along the city streets — he believes walking is the best way to experience the world. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail was his first backpacking foray, and he hasn't stopped since. He and his wife now regularly travel into the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest seeking new trails to hike. Follow his personal adventures and stories at betterhiker.com and on Instagram.

38 responses to “Spring Into Backpacking Giveaway! $2,500+ in Prizes

  1. Jj Holtsays:

    Can only hope to win such an awesome prize pack! Even if I don’t though I still feel I win anyways bc 5a.m. Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading to the Virginia highlands to hike the Mt. Rogers summit and Massie gap trail. Yipppppiee!!!!

    1. Mark Harysays:

      Thank you do much

    2. Dream products to enjoy on my adventures in 2021. Plan mt whitney. Doing John Muir trail for 1000 miles life wish to do more for me once. Nearly died so now time to live. Thanks so very much

  2. David Capehartsays:

    Win or not it was great!

  3. Pratiksays:

    I am ready to go this summer.

    1. Oh yeah, this would certainly get back on the trail!!!

  4. If I win it will be a blessing because I am on a fitness journey and finding snacks that taste good is not easy and this would be perfect to add in my regime.

  5. Jeffsays:

    Very cool prizes!! I hope whoever wins enjoys!

  6. Cyntrell Kenardsays:

    Great Items

  7. Cyntrell Kenardsays:

    Great Items , Ready for Summer.

  8. Ashleysays:

    This is an amazing prize pack! I would love to get this as most people would. Thanks for doing this giveaway. If I win, my husband, dog, and I will enjoy each prize together while we go and enjoy nature.

  9. Starleena Barbersays:

    I want to win because I want to be more active and get back in shape . Thank you.

  10. Samsays:

    Thanks for the opportunity! Giving a shoutout from northern Maine, snowing all day here!

  11. Emilysays:

    I’m getting married this summer and would love to share this gear with my sweet future backpacking husband.

  12. Dennis Ahlsays:

    Ready to hike

  13. Dennis Ahlsays:

    Time to hike

  14. Dennis Ahlsays:

    Let’s hit the trail!!!

  15. Daniel Ormsbysays:

    Thank you.

  16. BetsyMarshallsays:

    even if I don’t get chosen, i have new leads on gear makers, so i have already won!

  17. Lyndasays:

    Thank you for this opportunity

  18. Always need new gear.

  19. These are great prizes.

  20. Paigesays:

    Just booked a trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes in July and booking a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for our Anniversary later in the year! This would be such an awesome win!

    1. Good luck! Those are going to be awesome trips, either way, I’m sure.

  21. Sandra Msays:

    Looking forward to being able to travel again some can find more great hiking locations.

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  23. Katie Ushersays:

    Thank you so much for sponsoring great gifts for these things, rare find.

  24. Harvey Murraysays:

    lets do this

  25. Tim O.says:

    If I win this package, I could be out on a limb somewhere!

  26. Stephen Craigsays:

    Thanks for the chance at a prize.

  27. Lee Seifertsays:

    Hope I win



  29. Trip w/son. Grand cyn of the tuloumne in Yosemite. My first backpack trip. Need equipment for our adventure. Steve has me in trng w/45 pounds in his backpack going on local trails. Can’t wait for nature and hard work together. Thanks so very much

  30. Diane Solomonsays:

    Winning would be a blessing for me at this point in life. After a complete shoulder replacement I am ready to hit the trails again, but with this prize package, wow, so much great new stuff. I’m ready to rock the parks, woohoo. Thanks so much for all the great opportunities you folks are sponsoring.

  31. thank you for the chance to win this great prize

  32. thank you for the chance to win



  34. Kevin Simmonssays:

    Good luck to everyone

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