More Than 50% of Vacationers Base Travel Plans on Their Pets

According to a new survey, more than half of travelers admit to basing their travel plans on how well they can accommodate their pets.

This survey was conducted by Harvest Hosts, an RV membership program providing members with access to unique overnight stays at an affordable cost.

The survey examined how Gen Z, Millennials, and Baby Boomers embrace spring and summer travel amid lifting mask mandates, rising gas prices, and shifting travel trends.

Pets are family members, and because people love their pets so much, the majority won’t dream of leaving them behind when on vacation. So when you travel, make sure you have the best travel gear for your pet.

Millennials are most likely to bring their pets on vacation, with 39% saying pet-friendly accommodations are a “must-have.”

Likewise, 56% of these millennials conveyed that their travel plans are swayed by their pets – marking a shift in how hotels and other accommodation facilities must address this increasing demographic of travelers.

Meanwhile, Gen Zers are slightly less tied to their furry friend, and Boomers are not traveling with pets as much.

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