Trail Recipe: Meat Salad

Meat Salad by MONTyBOCA

Don’t salads have to have lettuce in order to be A SALAD? Not true! You can mix up a bunch of great ingredients with a dressing for a filling and fresh crunchy bowl. If you are eating keto, low carb, or frankly just are a hungry bear, this recipe is for you. No burner, easy prep, and mixing gives you a different option for your day hike instead of that deli sandwich. So meaty!

Watch Chef Corso Cook the Meat Salad

You can have salad on the trail. And not every salad needs lettuce. Chef Corso whips up a NO COOK recipe at the end of an Urban Hike in Seattle, WA.

Full Ingredient List

Craft your own meat salad using the recipe below.

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Chef Corso

Professional chef and founder of Outdoor Eats, Chef Corso wants to help you make meals in the wilderness. With over 160 trail tested meals, instructional guides and videos, and an upbeat attitude he will teach you to enjoy better, healthier foods on your backpacking trips. Follow him on Instagram.

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