VSSL Officially Launches Insulated Flask With Integrated Bluetooth Speaker

Personal mobility is a big deal for today’s outdoors enthusiasts, which is why VSSL introduced the world’s first flask with an integrated Bluetooth speaker.

The new VSSL Insulated Flask, designed to help travelers slow down and relish the moment, has double-walled, vacuum-sealed insulation to preserve liquids at an appropriate temperature, as well as a sturdy and waterproof speaker endcap co-engineered with Speaqua Sound Co., a coastal lifestyle audio company.

The built-in speaker connects directly to the unit’s base and is also compatible with any VSSL system, making it simple to add music to any trip.

Todd Weimer, founder of VSSL, said that for several years now, the brand has been making equipment to help adventurers survive the journey, but what about something that facilitates a moment to pause, to gather with friends, and to enjoy the experience?

“Our Insulated Flask challenges this sentiment – it was created with an emphasis on slowing down and savoring the places we go with one another. It’s a multi-purpose tool designed to help you focus on – and enjoy – the present moment,” he said.

The Insulated Flask was first introduced on Kickstarter in October 2022, and it quickly exceeded its campaign target.

Built from premium aircraft-grade aluminum, the Insulated Flask features an eight-ounce, double-walled, stainless-steel vacuum chamber designed for beverage temperature regulation.

A patented, multi-use flask endcap offers two drinking methods – via flask spout or fully opened lid – and a magnetic, locking carabiner facilitates multiple methods of carrying and securing the flask in transit.

The ultra-durable and waterproof True Wireless Bluetooth speaker endcap, built in collaboration with Speaqua, has a five-hour battery life and allows users to link up to two units to one device for stereophonic listening.

The speaker can be used as a standalone device and additionally offers modular compatibility with VSSL’s other endcaps, allowing users to swap in a compass, carabiner, or flashlight endcap.

The VSSL Insulated Flask (MSRP: $150) is now exclusively available on www.VSSL.com.

Images courtesy of VSSL

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