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Backpackers.com Relaunch!

In case you missed all the snazzy new stuff on our website, this the official announcement. The Backpackers.com relaunch is here, and in a major way.

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National Park Service Turns 100!

Showing more vigor and strength than most organizations (or people) at 100, the National Park Service reflects on its past by looking to the future.

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Kickstart the Pascal Press, A Portable Backcountry Coffee Press

This portable backcountry coffee press comes from the mind of Alan Kalbfleisch. See the Pascal Press Kickstarter campaign and read our interview.

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How to Stop Vandalism in National Parks and Beyond [opinion]

Vandalism in National Parks has seen a sharp spike in recent years. In the last two months four major cases took the national stage. How will we stop it?

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Kickstart the Al-Cap, a Universal Cap for Water Bottles

The Al-cap is a universal cap for water bottles, the cheap kind you usually throw away. Not anymore. Join the campaign on Kickstarter.

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Chimani National Parks App: Free, Offline, and Full of Information

Backpackers.com — The confluence of the outdoors and technology has been a long, steady upward curve. Some may call it an exponential explosion these days as all manner of gadgets, new-fangled materials, and ever-connected social media campaigns dominate the wilderness world. This proliferation has (of course) made its way to smartphones. Nature-focused apps can be

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GearTrade Reviews and Business Model, In-Depth Interview

We interview GearTrade COO Rob Reinfurt about the used gear business model, customer service, and how people use the website for crazy deals on outdoor gear

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Thru Hiking the Santa Monica Mountains: 67 Mile Backbone Trail is Complete

Thru-hike the Santa Monica Mountains with the Backbone Trail, 67 miles from Point Magu into Santa Monica, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

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Kickstart The Ultimate Strap for Your Hammock

Tired of tying knots that come undone in the middle of the night? Ultimate Hammocks has created the ultimate strap for your hammock. Get in on Kickstarter.

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Meet Big Outdoors, A Cottage Gear Online Retailer

Our philosophy is, if you’re a seasoned outdoorsman and you know a lot about the outdoors, you can go to our site and know there’s quality products on there. Inversely, if you know very little about the outdoors and just need some stuff you know will be good, you can go to Big Outdoors and find a couple options that will work.

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