Sustainability Matters: Jiminy’s Creates Truly Sustainable Cricket Dog Food and Treats

Sustainability matters in every aspect of your life, including your dog. Jiminy’s makes cricket dog food and treats, which save water, reduce greenhouse gases, and greatly limit land use for animal agriculture.

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The Climate Neutral Certification: Putting a Price and Plan on Carbon Emissions

Climate Neutral is a new non-profit that offers a Certification for any brand that offsets its carbon emissions. Learn how it works, and what brands are on board, here.

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Sustainability Matters: Moosejaw Showcases Environmentally Responsible Outdoor Brands

Moosejaw, the ever witty outdoor retailer, is committed to providing sustainable products from top tier brands. See how and who, here.

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Sustainability Matters: REI Leads Outdoor Industry through Increased Environmental Standards and Accountability

REI is a leader in the outdoor sustainability movement. New environmental standards and accountability push brands and practices further than ever before.

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