Drinkware Brands Unite to Slash Supply Chain Emissions

Drinkware brands team up to reduce emissions in their supply chain, setting a new sustainability standard. Learn more and get involved.

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Bajío’s Limited Edition Vega Sunglasses Illuminate Holidays with Charity Twist

Outdoor Gear Type: Sunglasses

Bajío Sunglasses teams up with Fish For Change, empowering customers to impact young fly fishers through Limited Edition Vega sunglasses.

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Carve Into a Sustainable Future With ZAG Skis and Their ZAGREEN Program

Recommended For: Winter Explorer

ZAG initiated ZAGREEN to minimize its environmental impact company-wide, guided by the mantra “Explore More, Destroy Less.”

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Give’r Pink Collection for Breast Cancer Support

Outdoor Gear Type: Gloves

Pink Frontier Mittens return with a new addition, Pink 4-Season Gloves, in the Give’r Pink Collection in October.

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REI Co-op Gains Approval from SBTi for Net-Zero Targets to Combat Climate Crisis

REI Co-op gains approval for net-zero goals, expanding climate leadership to achieve environmental ambitions.

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Ibex Launches ‘Ibex Labs’ Label, an Elite Collection of Limited Run Products

Ibex is launching Ibex Labs this September, introducing small batch, limited edition collections focused on quality, creativity, and sustainability.

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Deckers X Lab Introduces New X-SCAPE BAJA Shoes

Deckers X Lab introduced the groundbreaking X-SCAPE BAJA, a uniquely versatile footwear innovation designed for rivers, roads, and recovery.

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Parks Project Raises Over $2.5 Million For Park Conservation

By building and strengthening partnerships with organizations, Parks Project has donated more than $2.5 million to national parks across the country.

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REI Co-Op Launches ‘Outside in 5’ To Give Everyone Access to Outdoor Space

By launching a new initiative dubbed “Outside in 5,” REI Co-op is committed to putting everyone in America within 5 minutes of outdoor space.

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REI Co-Op Expands E-Bike Initiatives To Inspire More People To Ride Bikes

Outdoor Gear Type: ebikes
Recommended For: Bikepacker

REI Co-op is expanding its e-bike efforts, including education and advocacy initiatives, to help more people get on bikes.

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