Cocoon Pillow Air Core Ultralight Review

Cocoon Pillow Air Core Ultralight Review

Cocoon makes many variants of the Air-Core Travel Pillow, each with its own unique properties refined for specific uses. Honestly, the mere number of them are overwhelming, so we like to focus on one model (that only has a few variants): the Ultralight Air-Core. We tested the Cocoon Ultralight Air-Core Hood/Camp Pillow, a variant designed specifically to fit in the hood of a sleeping bag or the shape of a hammock.

Cocoon Pillow Air Core Ultralight Star Rating
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The Cocoon Air-Core Pillow in the ultralight variety strikes an excellent balance between packability, weight, and sleep comfort. It has a synthetic layer that’s removable and washable, and, depending on the size you pick, weighs well under 5 ounces.


Comfort, height, and cozy fabric make up the Cocoon Air Core Pillow.

Most Ultralight Air-Core Pillows are directly comparable to the model we tested, only having minor differences in their shape, but a few are drastically different in their fundamental design. The Hood/Camp Pillow has a small indent for your neck, as opposed to the more standard Ultralight Air-Core Travel Pillow, which is rectangular-shaped. Be sure to check out all specs of your preferred model before making a purchase.


A very slight bend at the lower end, and a rounded top end, make this pillow ideal for sleeping bags and hammocks.

The lightweight Hood/Camp model weighs 3.8 ounces and packs into its own storage bag, creating a packed object that’s smaller than a soda can. Inflated with only two full breaths through the small twist and pull valve, this compact pillow balloons into a fairly large cushion with a dome-shaped design.



The 20D nylon fabric protects the bottom of the pillow from abrasion while a plush polyester microfiber lines the top of the shell, providing a cozy sleeping surface that’ll put a smile on your face the instant you lie down for the night.


A twist and pull valve, internal air bladder, and removable (and washable) sleeve. The sleeve has a warmer fabric on one side, and a cooler fabric on the other.

A small zipper provides access to the inside of the pillow, where a removable plastic air bladder is surrounded by a thin layer of synthetic filling. The inner bladder looks quite delicate, almost like a balloon ready to pop, so be sure to baby the pillow. While not quite thick enough to provide much in the way of cushion, this synthetic layer does eliminate the plastic sound and sensations of the air bladder. As a result, the Cocoon Air-Core Pillow feels remarkably close in comfort to an at-home pillow.

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    I have 2 now and both lasted 4 yrs then the valve goes bad for no reason

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