Gear Report: Mission Mountain S4 Table and Chair

The Mission Mountain S4 Camping Table and Chair are each an excellent addition to any camping setup. I had a ton of fun using the table and chair for daytime picnics, après ski, and in the backyard.

The S4 Camping Table and Chair are everything you want from a camping set and nothing you don’t. The Table is tough yet extremely packable, and the Chair matches in every respect. They both come in a sleek black color and can be bought as a bundle with up to 3 chairs. Mission Mountain is an up-and-coming brand, but its commitment to eco-friendly and solid products impressed me right off the bat.

Meet the Mission Mountain S4 Table and Chair

First Impressions of the Mission Mountain S4 Table and Chair

The Mission Mountain S4 Table has proven to be versatile, portable, and tough. The aero-grade aluminum makes it lightweight yet stable, which is invaluable when cooking a big meal. Even with two camping stoves full of pasta and sauce, the table didn’t budge.

The Mission Mountain S4 Table could maintain this stability wherever we went because the adjustable leg heights made it so we could perfectly set it up on any terrain.

Plus, it’s easy to clean. While making an outdoor Italian dinner, one friend had a cooking mishap (their fault) that caused wine and tomato sauce to spill across the table. We wiped everything off with a little water and minimal elbow grease.

The Mission Mountain S4 Chair was just as stable — I loved the three adjustable height settings. The 600D Oxford fabric material for the seat was thick yet comfortable, and I didn’t have feel unstable at any of the different heights.

When I was feeling particularly beat after a long day mountain biking, I set the chair at the lowest setting and kicked my feet out. The tote bag size container meant I could bring the chair with me anywhere. Whether I was climbing, biking, hiking, or camping, the Mission Mountain S4 Chair was a welcome companion.

The Best Part of the Mission Mountain S4 Table and Chair

For both the Mission Mountain S4 Table and Chair, the 60-second setup was among the best features. This was accurate (I timed it) and made me want to use the set more often.

The ease of setup is great, but what makes it a game-changer is how often I pulled it out because I didn’t dread any part of the setup. The adjustable height on both the table and chair gives them a ton of versatility and stability on every terrain.

In Utah, I used these Mission Mountain products in sandy desert areas, soft ground in the woods, and even snow without worrying about if they were the right table and chair for the job.

See the Mission Mountain S4 Table See the Mission Mountain S4 Chair

The bag for the Mission Mountain S4 Steady Table

Easy to pack and carry.

What do you think of the Mission Mountain S4 Table and S4 Chair? Have you tested them yourself? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Charles Miller

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  1. Rollinsays:

    No comments about weights?

  2. Hi Rollin.

    The S4 Table weighs 9.4 pounds and has a 66-pound capacity.

    The S4 Chair weighs 4.4 pounds and has a 319-pound capacity.

    Hope that helps!

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