Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts and Tech Tee Review

Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts and Tech Tee Overview

Are you in the market for a new pair of hiking or running shorts? Perhaps an athletic shirt? Then your options are virtually limitless. There’s no shortage of athletic clothing to choose from, which makes it exceptionally difficult for a sportswear clothing manufacturer to stand out. But the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts and Tech Tee are more than your run-of-the-mill athleisure clothes.

Rockay is a sustainable performance wear brand. As such, the Flare Half Tight Shorts and Tech Tee are both made from recycled materials, and dozens of plastic bottles are removed from the ocean with a single purchase of either item.

In this review, we’re going to focus primarily on the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts, though you’ll see a lot of details about the Tech Tee, too. Read on to see the full Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts review, and see how they compare to other shorts on our guide to the Best Hiking Shorts.

Rockay Half Tight Shorts Star Rating
  • Comfort
  • Pockets
  • Stretch
  • Durability
  • Dry Time
  • Breathability


The Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts are form-fitting multisport performance shorts that are eco-friendly, wonderfully comfortable, and chafe-proof. Those boons come with few drawbacks, though the waistband can get a bit sweaty.

See the men's Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts

See the women's Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts

Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 4.25 oz Exceptionally lightweight for a pair of durable, stretchy shorts
Type Tights Clings tightly to your body
Material 58% Q-NOVA® recycled nylon
42% elastane-lycra
Sustainable and stretchy
Zippers None
Pockets 2 Secure mesh pockets with fabric top flaps
Pocket Placement Side pockets One on each leg
Waist Elastic with drawstring and belt loops Strong, wide elastic band with belt loops that are more for storage than for a belt
UPF N/A unknown
Fit Slim and tight Order a size up if you don’t want a snug fit
Sustainability Made from recycled materials. OEKO-TEX® & bluesign® certified Rockay says that every pair of shorts purchased removes 38 plastic bottles from the ocean
Manufacturer Warranty One-year replacement guarantee
Retail Price $112 Pricey, but well-made and eco-friendly

Gear Review of the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts

I’ve put dozens of miles into the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts and Tech Tee across multiple summer hikes and trail runs. Though is primarily a hiking and backpacking website, these Rockay performance wear items are highly versatile pieces of athletic clothing, and, as such, I’ve also worn them while kayaking, bicycling, playing frisbee in the park, and while lounging in my backyard hammock.

Rockay Half Tight Shorts

A hot summer day on the trail.

The Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts, in particular, have traveled at my hip along the waterway trails of the Willamette Valley to the peaks of the central Oregon Cascades.

Both the shorts and the tee have been my go-to gear during the record-breaking heatwave that passed through the Pacific Northwest. The Tech Tee is especially lightweight and breathable—barely a whisper of fabric against the skin. Both items proved to be indispensable during hot-weather adventures.

Rockay Half Tights Hike

Quite breathable overall, especially the Tech Tee.

Revelation: The Moment I Knew

While the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts and Tech Tee were comfortable the wear during all of my hikes and runs, it was when the going got hot that they truly showed their worth.

Stupidly, I decided to hike an unshaded and fully exposed stretch of trail out to a nearby reservoir at mid-afternoon during one of those scorching 100+ days during the heatwave. I was home alone during the weekend with nothing better to do, and so it seemed like the perfect time for a hike.

Rockay Half Tights Review

The Tech Tee and Half Tight Shorts are well suited for hikes and trail runs.

Well, let me tell you that this trek was a scorcher.

Sunblock was applied wherever my skin was left uncovered, and the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts and Tech Tee took care of the rest. The sweat-wicking jersey knit fabric of the Flare Half Tight Shorts did its best to keep me cool by pushing my sweat away from my body. Meanwhile, the highly breathable Tech Tee allowed the hot breeze to evaporate that moisture to cool my core.

Tech Tee Fabric

A close-up of the Tech Tee fabric.

A dip into the reservoir was in order, but the recent algae blooms said otherwise. Despite the heat, and the lack of swimmable water, I stayed relatively cool. Not to mention, the HeiQ Fresh odor control that’s worked into the Flare Half Tight Shorts kept me from smelling like a swamp rat after this, and all of the other sweaty adventures I wore them during.

Rockay Shorts

A close-up of, well—there are only so many angles to show of a pair of shorts.

Additionally, I’m glad that Rockay decided to add reflective strips and branding to these shorts as that makes them all the better for running in the dark.

See the men's Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts

See the women's Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts

Comfort – 4.5 Stars

The Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts are supremely comfortable. Since they’re tights, they’re form-fitting, so you’ll have to get used to that if you’re not already, but these shorts do it right. There’s no bunching or chafing.

Rockay Half Tights Waistband

The wide waist band is exceptionally comfortable.

Also, the wide elastic band at the waist spreads out the contact area so that there is no tight elastic “pinch” which can happen with thin elastic bands. All in all, as Ned Flanders would say, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all…nothing at all…

Pockets – 4 Stars

The two mesh side pockets are a surprisingly functional addition. Usually, tights have no pockets, and if they do they’re often too small to use or so tight that it hurts to have anything in them.

Rockay Pockets

A practical pocket for smartphones and snacks.

Not so with the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts. These pockets can easily fit your smartphone or some on-the-go snack bars. And, because the mesh exterior has plenty of stretch, the items won’t poke painfully into your thigh. Each pocket also has a fabric flap covering the opening so that your items won’t easily bounce out while you’re on the move.

Stretch – 5 Stars

As already stated, these shorts are nigh unnoticeable. The recycled nylon and lycra fabric blend not only feels good against your skin but also moves with you and never feels as if it has reached its stretchable limit.

Rockay Shorts Behind

No chafe here!

Durability – 5 Stars

Though I can’t yet speak for long-term durability, based upon the miles of running and hiking I’ve put these shorts through so far, they appear to be indestructible. There’s no sign of wear at all. The elastic feels as tight and stretchy as it did on day one, and there is no pilling or a loose thread to be found.

Side note: This is where the Tech Tee seemed to fall short. After a single hike with a day pack, the Tech Tee showed noticeable signs of wear at points where the straps contacted the shirt. However, the Tech Tee proved to be durable in all instances without a backpack.

Tech Tee Durability

A bit of fraying after a couple of short adventures wit ha daypack.

Dry Time – 3.5 Stars

Overall, the sweat-wicking fabric of the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts did its job. That wide waistband that I praised only a moment ago, however, proved to be quite the sweat factory. Likewise, the other double-layered portions of the shorts (the thigh cuffs and pocket covers) also weren’t as efficient at expelling moisture as the rest of the shorts.

Rockay Half Tight Thigh Hem

These wide bands and cuffs are great for comfort and fit, but can also act as hot spots.

Side note: This is where the Tech Tee excelled. The fabric was remarkably light and well-ventilated.

Breathability – 4 Stars

This falls in line with much of what was said in the prior section, though the breathability of the butt and crotch is vastly more important than that of the waistband, and those areas are, fortunately, quite breathable. As such, the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts scored slightly higher in this category.


Overall, a well-ventilated pair of shorts.


These shorts have a great fit all around. Rockay has even gone the extra mile to provide a wide and comfortable waistband as well as grippy silicone dots inside the hems of the thighs to prevent the shorts from riding up—how thoughtful is that?

Rockay Half Tight Shorts Fit

My Half Tight Shorts were a bit snug, if you couldn’t tell.

You may want to consider ordering a size up, though. based upon Rockay’s sizing guide, I fell near the upper portion of the ‘small’ size range. Thus, I ordered and received a size small, but the shorts are a hair too tight for my liking. I think I would have been better off with a medium.


For what they are, I don’t think I’d change a single thing about the Flare Half Tight Shorts.

Sure, the waistband can get a bit sweaty, but to fix that you’d have to sacrifice the excellent comfort and fit of the wide elastic waistband, and I don’t want to make that sacrifice.

As for the Tech Tee, I was surprised that the pack strap damaged it so quickly. That may be the price that must be paid for the shirt to be as featherlight as it is, though.

Rockay Tech Tee and Half Tights

Sustainability and comfort win out.

Final Word

The Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts are form-fitting multisport performance shorts that are eco-friendly, wonderfully comfortable, and chafe-proof.

Where to Buy the Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts and Tech Tee

Rockay offers men’s and women’s versions of the Flare Half Tight Shorts as well as the Tech Tee with no noteworthy differences between the gendered styles besides the cut and fit.

Men's Rockay Flare Half Tights

See the men's Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts at

Women's Rockay Flare Half Tights

See the women's Rockay Flare Half Tight Shorts at

Men's Rockay Tech Tee

See the men's Rockay Tech Tee at

Women's Rockay Tech Tee

See the women's Rockay Tech Tee at

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