Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket Review

Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket Overview

Is it a casual camp blanket? Or is it high tech gear? Or– gasp–is it both? The brand Rumpl has been making a name for themselves since 2014 with one key product: the puffy blanket. Between their lifestyle marketing and high-quality, well-designed blankets, Rumpl has hit hipsters and gearheads alike.

The Puffy Blanket comes in two main varieties: Original and Down. The Original is synthetic, and while excellent, we felt most people would opt for the Down Puffy Blanket if already making the decision to purchase. Designed to be comfortable down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it comes with a stuff sack, is made of tough nylon and 600-fill down, and weighs just a pound.

With a price tag that holds its value with every use, the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket is a major upgrade to the game of casual blankety warmth.

We have awarded the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket our Premium Pick quilt for the Car Camper.

Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket Star Rating
  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Durability


Most quilts that we review are for backpacking specifically, and these are often ultralight replacements for sleeping bags. The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket is not really meant for sleeping in — it’s definitely a blanket, and one we think most car campers will enjoy.

Read the full Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket Review below.

Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 16 oz. (453 g) Very lightweight for a super warm blanket. A little heavier than your average ultralight backpacking quilt, but this is not meant for that extreme use.
Type Quilt Blanket This is in the quilt category for us, but it’s really just a blanket. The kind of quilt you use around a campfire or in a cabin. For more info on the difference between quilts and sleeping bags read our guide.
Size Throw (50×70 in.), 1P (54×80 in.), 2P (88×84 in.) We tested the Throw, which is the smallest version and most blanket-like. The 1P and 2P sizes are better for full sleeping blankets.
Temperature Rating 40 F (loosely) This blanket is not EN Tested, and is not meant to provide the full warmth of a sleeping bag or backpacking quilt. It provides decent warmth down to 40 degrees. Read more about how temperature ratings are determined in our guide.
Insulation Type 600-Fill Down Medium-quality down fill. Read more about sleeping bag insulation in our Guide.
Shell Fabric 20D Ripstop Nylon Well-made shell fabric that withstands abuse despite being a fairly thin Denier. Read more on sleeping bag and quilt shell fabric material in our Guide.
Water Resistant? Yes While the down is not hydrophobic, the exterior has DWR and repels light water well.
Baffle Pattern Square wave The baffle pattern is mostly square-shaped, but they aren’t perfect squares. This provides even warmth throughout. Read more on sleeping bag and quilt baffle patterns in our Guide.
Zipper No Zipper This is a blanket, and cannot be zipped up or around you.
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Warranty A less than stellar warranty, though reports are that the Rumpl blankets last much longer than a year, and the company is working towards a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Retail Price $159+ A high-end blanket comes with a high price tag.

Gear Review of the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket

Origins: Easing You In

Let’s be real — blankets are a luxury item! And spending a good chunk of change on a blanket is the ultimate luxury. So, of course, I was skeptical about this fancy, super-hip down blanket. My current go-to Car Camper blanket is the classic Mexican blanket (striped with different colors, fringes at the ends) because it can be useful in a variety of ways (beyond looking good in an Instagram photo). Could the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket justify the extreme price jump? What was all the hype about?


The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket waving in the wind.

Beyond laying with it in chilly situations, I dragged this fancy blanky across rocks, burned it with campfire embers (okay, that was an accident) and washed it outside the recommended guidelines. I packed it in my carry-ons, organized it easily into my camping gear, and stowed it in my backpack for bike-ride picnics.

Between lightweight warmth and durable fabric the Down Puffy Blanket defied my (apparently limited) beliefs of what a good blanket could do — what’s more, it has proven to be a star player in many of my sleeping situations.

At home it offers insulated warmth while wrapped around my feet while I work from my computer. The Rumpl Down Puffy served as my crag station (and hand warmer) while challenging my fear of heights rocking climbing in Ojai, California. This blanket also spent many nights outdoors under the stars as a sleeping bag booster — it was in-tents.


One must relax when climbing, and the Down Puffy Blanket provides an optimum place to do just that.

I never had a blanky as a child (it was more like a fat cat stuffie), but now, I feel like I am becoming an adult that carries around a blanket. The sweet features make up for the apparent downslide into childhood!

Revelation: The Moment I Knew

The moment was almost right after I gleefully cut the tag from the perfectly packed Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket during an unplanned dash to Joshua Tree National Park. My boyfriend and I were recovering from an intense work month stint and a night out to see System of a Down in concert (yes, they’re still around!), and we had just spent hours unsuccessfully finding camping within the park.

With a bit of persistence we found a sweet spot far removed from the bustle of the park, so we set up camp and I aired out the Down Puffy Blanket. Then I laid it down, making a mental apology to the nice people who sent me this, only for me to be treating it like, well, dirt.


The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket handles rough rocks and dirt with ease.

The blanket was thin, but when I sat down, I was instantly happy. The denseness of the 600-fill down was more plush and lofty than anticipated, turning hard ground into a pretty cozy spot to make s’mores.


Fire plus blanky plus s’mores equals a good night.

After creating epic s’mores with Lucky Charms (for those who need gluten free carbs for their mallows) and playing some heated games of Rummy, I dusted the Down Puffy Blanket off and took it to the tent, adding a lofty layer of warmth to a hodgepodge of sleeping bags.

Digging Deeper

The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket is a premium travel-ready quilt blanket made from stain-, wind- and odor-repellent nylon. While this is not an item designed for your ultralight backpacking sleep system, it’s a solid one to pack if you want to add an extra element of comfort to the backcountry. Its main home is on a camping trip, draped over your sleeping bags or a chair while you snuggle away.


Relax on it, chill under it. If you want to be surprised by a blanket, the Down Puffy Blanket will do the trick.

The Down Puffy comes in three sizes: a throw, a 1-person size, and a 2-person size. I tested the throw, which weighs in at a pound. The blanket comes with a stuff sack that packs down to about one-and-a-half Nalgene Bottles (the 32 ounce version), which is the unofficial standard of measurement in the backpacking world.

The 20D Ripstop Nylon fabric is this inexplicable feel of soft and slick, while also somehow feeling like nothing at all. It is zen fabric. And when this fabric surrounds tufts of down it is a zen cloud.

The nylon is coated in DWR, making the Down Puffy Blanket water-resistant, and the way the shell fabric is stitched makes it a noticeably strong wind-protector. With a reasonable layering system (socks, pants, sleeves) you can hang out under this blanket in the wind and cold in relative comfort.


Depending on the climate, the Down Puffy Blanket is warm enough for brisk desert mornings or chilly forested nights.

I accidentally tested the odor-repellent capabilities by storing the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket in a stinky camping box that was a result of leaked propane and other nauseating mildewy objects. I was pretty bummed because the camping box went straight to the dumpster — but after airing out the Down Puffy for two days, it was back to normal. I still washed it, but was impressed that the nylon was in fact odor-repellent.

To test the wind and water resistance I stood in frigid California desert winds without many layers, and in brisk Seattle rain (it seemed like a logical thing at the time). My determination is that this blanket is basically a glorious version of my favorite down jacket. The material reflects dust, water, and wind really easily, making this blanket an easy transition from fireside to sleeping nest.

On the first night with the Down Puffy two big fat embers catapulted from the fire and landed right next to my toe, leaving two large burn holes in the blanket. Just to see how the “cookie would crumble” I tried to pull at the fabric, push out the feathers, and even washed it without sealing the holes. The fabric seemingly self-healed and the burn marks haven’t changed. However, please seal any holes before washing your down items!


Two burn holes from fire embers. No nylon fabric will survive such a thing, and it has been impressive that the down doesn’t significantly leak despite such holes. We recommend taping over this, but left it open for your viewing pleasure.

The Down Puffy Blanket has four loop tabs, making it easy to hang for drying, and also exceptionally good for making into a shield or fort! These tabs were sewn on strongly (trust me, I tried to tear one off — all in the name of Research!).


Well-made loop tabs work well for hanging, drying, and fort-building.

To test the stitches and seams I cut out a couple and tore out a thread, and was happy to discover that no feathers leaked out, and the squares connected seamlessly. The threading is looped to slow down the unravelling process. It is nice to know that the blanket won’t fall apart with damage. Rumpl also offers a 1-year warranty for manufacturer’s defects, which is decent but not industry standard for higher-end outdoor products.

Comfort 5 Stars

It is more comfortable than any other blanket that I have encountered and, aside from a few sleeping bags, was a huge surprise. The individual plush duck down pockets fill with air and hold their shape with just enough density, making it a blanket good for both lounging on and under.


Lounge on or under. You will be comfortable.

The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket even was comfortable while sitting on gritty rocks in Joshua Tree!

Warmth 5 Stars

The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket has a loose temperature suggestion of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which seems reasonable and performed as such, but do not expect the same type of all-around warmth you would get from a sleeping bag. The coldest I experienced with the blanket was a damp mid-30-degree late night outside on the patio in Seattle watching the moon over the North Cascades (if you can’t be there, might as well admire them from afar). I was not very cold, mostly because of the blanket.


Wrapped in sunshine and the warmth of the Down Puffy Blanket.

Overall I find the blanket to be extremely warm for its weight, and the fact that it’s a blanket!

Durability 5 Stars

Between intentionally trying to tear apart this blanket and using it as a dance pad next to a fireplace, the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket was resilient. Unlike many other down apparel and bags I’ve used, this blanket has a fabric that inspires confidence.


Lounging on rough Joshua Tree rocks is no joke.

My only advice is to avoid draping it over yourself on a windy hike while navigating through cholla cactus! Actually, cactus on the whole — don’t get the blanket too mixed up with cactus!


The “Fit” section is usually reserved for quilts and sleeping bags, where fit is actually really important. For a blanket, fit matters a little less. That said, I reviewed the Throw size and it was a perfect amount of fabric. The Down Puffy covers toes while laying down and can fit two (very close) humans underneath when strategically wrapping/canoodling. (It only creates more warmth for insulation!)


There were no major grievances in my book. This was the blanky I seem to have been missing, and now that it’s here, it’s with me all the time!

If I were to nitpick anything, it would be the fact that the nylon blanket is chilly at first touch. I laid down on it without much clothing on a brisk night before bedtime and jumped up at least two feet (like a cat) due to the chilli-ness. But it warms up pretty quick, so I’m not sure if it’s something that’s fixable.

While this isn’t a grievance, I do have a request: I would also like to see a version with a softer fabric on one side. (Editor’s Note: This exists! Meet the Rumpl Puffy Sherpa Blanket.)

For the Down Puffy’s intended purposes and performance, I can’t find any obvious detriments.

Final Word

Function and fashion, the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket knows how to cater to dirtbag luxury.

Where to Buy Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket

We tested the Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket Throw, which is the smallest size they offer. It’s also available in a 1-Person and 2-Person version, though neither of these are true backpacking quilts, and more like oversized blankets. They all come in a variety of cool colors.

Rumpl also offers the Original Puffy Blanket, their flagship product. This is a synthetic version of the Down Puffy Blanket. It costs a little less, is not quite as light, and not quite as warm. It’s still an excellent blanket though!

Compare Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket prices below.

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