Car Camper

If you want the perfect blend of comfort, ruggedness, and fun while kicking it in the outdoors, the Car Camper is for you.

There is nothing like comfort outdoors. A big tent nestled beneath a canopy of leaves, the dogs dirty and asleep, the kids dipping marshmallows into the campfire while you sit back and enjoy a piping cup of hot chocolate.

All that peace usually comes after a full day of exploring, grilling, playing games and generally enjoying the lack of walls. You’re out there, but not so far that you can’t drive to get more firewood and visit the local waterfall. You have your options: pee next to the tent under the stars, or use the pre-designated pit toilets. You reserve things, you plan them. Memorial Day and Labor Day are the big bashes and any camping in between is a luxurious treat.

Our Recommended Gear and Outdoor Guides for the Car Camper know that you want to kick back and enjoy your stay. Whether it’s a base camp to do serious day hikes, an acoustically jam-packed weekend with friends, or the outdoor families coming together for the annual camp cookout, we have your back.

Explore Recommended Gear and Outdoor Guides for Car Camper below!

Car Camper Outdoor Guides

The Best Hiking Sandals of 2018

We highlight the best hiking sandals of 2018 after researching and testing. Open toe, closed toe, or finger-style? Find the perfect hiking sandal for you!

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The Best Hiking Boots of 2018

We highlight the best hiking boots of 2018 after researching and testing. Find the perfect lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight hiking boot for you!

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The Best Backpacking Water Filters and Purifiers 2018

Treat your water right. The Best Backpacking Water Filters and Purifiers goes deep on what type of filter you should buy, and why.

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The Best Rain Jacket for Backpacking and Hiking 2018

The Best Rain Jacket for Backpacking and Hiking is an current list of the best rain jackets for the outdoors. We’ve tested, reviewed, and awarded this gear.

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Car Camping Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect car camping gift? We’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax, and peruse our curated selection of camping gifts any camper will love.

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How to Choose the Best Camping Stove For You

The best camping stove depends on your cooking needs. Do you want Cornish game hen or refried beans? Figure out the best camping stove for you.

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Sleeping Pad Guide

This sleeping pad guide helps you choose the best pad for you. Learn about different types of sleeping pads, R-Value and insulation, and how to patch a pad.

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Sleeping Bags and Backpacking Quilt Guide

The guide goes deep on camping sleeping bags, backpacking sleeping bags, and backpacking quilts. Learn about temperature rating, insulation, features, and more.

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Backpackers Guide to Synthetic Insulated Jackets

Ultimate guide to synthetic insulated jackets, the other puffy. Cheaper, more breathable, and better when wet than down, these jackets are pretty awesome.

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Water Filter and Water Purifier Guide

Want to ease a worried mind? Get a water filter or water purifier. Learn why backpacking water treatment systems are critical, and what system works for you.

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