Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series: Water Bottle Review

Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series Overview

To make sustainability accessible to everyone, Super Sparrow designs all sorts of water bottles and accessories that help make single-use plastics a thing of the past.

The Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series stainless steel water bottles are the cream of the crop. Available in 500ml or 750ml sizes, the bottles are BPA-free and resist oxidation and corrosion to keep them looking fresh. They’re also double-walled and insulated, and made of food-grade stainless steel. Finally, the Super Sparrow is super light (the 750ml bottle weighs in at just under 12oz). If you’re looking for one do-it-all bottle, the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series is a great choice.

See the full Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series review below, and learn more about Super Sparrow reusable bottles!

Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series Star Rating
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  • Durability
  • Insulation
  • Form Factor
  • Usability


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current water bottle or make your first shift from single-use to reusable drinking vessels, the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light bottle won’t disappoint.

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Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series water bottle

Meet the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series water bottle!

Introducing the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series

I put this water bottle to the test on a multi-sport adventure. It began with a road trip from my home in Boise to a hot spring a few hours away. First and foremost — the bottle fits in the cupholder of my car, which is a huge plus. There’s nothing worse than your water bottle rattling and clanking around at your feet because it’s just a little too big to fit in the cupholder. Ok, there are worse things, but it’s a huge pet peeve of mine!

Super SParrow ultra light

Simple and versatile — the perfect combination.

After an hour of soaking in hot pools of water, I was ready for a nice cold drink, and the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light bottle had me covered. Despite sitting in direct sunlight for over an hour, my water was still as chilled as could be and very refreshing.

I continued on from the hot spring to a plush lodge on a wilderness preserve where I decided to test out how hot the Super Sparrow could keep my evening tea. The answer is — very hot for a very long time. I sipped on hot tea for hours without having to reheat it.

The next day when I went for a good long nordic ski on the trails near Ketchum, Idaho, the Super Sparrow came along to hold my electrolyte-infused water. I was pleased that the bottle was easy to clean afterward and didn’t hold onto any of the strawberry lemonade flavors of my Nuun tablets. From sun to snow and everywhere in between, the Super Sparrow Ultra Light bottle did its job well, keeping me hydrated with liquids on both ends of the temperature spectrum.

Supper Sparrow happy

Cold cold brews and hot hot teas result in big smiles.

Field Testing the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series

I have many water bottles. I have a really big bottle for road trips. I have a small one that fits in my cupholder. I have some light ones for my bike. But after using the Super Sparrow bottle for an extended weekend, I realized that if I had to choose just one bottle, I would choose this one because it can do it all.

Super Sparrow bottle

From the commute to camp, this bottle is a solid choice. Think of it as the anytime, anywhere bottle.

It’s light enough to come on backcountry adventures, functional enough for heavy daily use, and it looks good, too.

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Key Qualities of the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series

Lid – 5 Stars

The lid is very secure, and I like the flexible carry strap. I swung it around to test its durability, and it felt quite solid. I’ve broken several of these straps in the past (most were made of harder plastic), so I’m curious to see how this one will hold up over time. My guess is that it will hold up well because of the malleability of the material.

Durability – 5 Stars

I confess that I did drop this water bottle on some rocks while navigating my way out of the hot spring. It didn’t dent or get marked up, so I’ll give it a 5-star durability rating as well.

Insulation – 5 Stars

This bottle gets a 5-star insulation rating because it possibly insulates too well, keeping hot drinks too hot for too long. There’s no such thing as too cold for me, but I did have to leave the lid off for quite a while to get my tea down to a temperature at which I could consume it. That means the insulation did its job well. Make sure to plan ahead, and don’t make your drink too hot to start with!

Form Factor – 4.5 Stars

This bottle is easy to carry and pack. It’s available in several solid colors and some fun patterns, so there’s something for everyone. The only design element I don’t love is the oversized logo, but that’s hardly a concern.

Usability– 5 Stars

I really like this water bottle! I’ve been choosing it over my other bottles every morning since I got it. I might just be a Super Sparrow convert.

Supper Sparrow Ultra-Light bottle

You’ll want to take this bottle everywhere.


I had trouble coming up with any grievances about this product. It’s solid from top to bottom. The only thing I don’t love is the Super Sparrow logo, which is displayed quite prominently on the bottle (and rightly so, because — marketing). It’s a bit sharp and industrial for my taste, but that certainly won’t stop me from taking this water bottle everywhere I go.

Final Word

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current water bottle or make your first shift from single-use to reusable drinking vessels, the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light bottle won’t disappoint.

Where to Buy the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series

Super Sparrow’s own website is the place to buy the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series bottles. Hit up the shop, choose your favorite color, select your sizing, and you’re all set.

See the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series

View the Super Sparrow Ultra-Light Series bottle and browse other Super Sparrow products at And if you’re a student, be sure to take advantage of Super Sparrow’s 15% student discount. Affiliate Policy: This review contains affiliate links, which help fund our website. When you click on the links to purchase the gear, we get a commission, and this goes a long way to creating guides, gear reviews, and other excellent content. We don’t accept payment from brands for reviews.

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