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The North Face Nuptse Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Down Jackets
Recommended For: Urban Hiker

The North Face Nuptse review: a downy ball of retro nostalgia. The comfort is outrageous, as is the sheer puff of each oversized baffle. A cozy down jacket.

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Marmot Minimalist Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Rain Jackets
Recommended For: Wilderness Backpacker

Marmot Minimalist review: the perfect rain jacket for outdoor folks who want a one and done shell and are themselves minimalists.

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NEMO Forte Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Sleeping Bags
Recommended For: Car Camper

NEMO Forte 35 review: this sleeping bag is a side-sleeper’s dream. Synthetic, feature-filled, and reasonably priced. Join the Spoon Bag movement.

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ULA Circuit Review

Outdoor Gear Type: Backpacks
Recommended For: Ultralight Backpacker

ULA Circuit review: the labrador of backpacks. It’s not as sleek and sexy as others, but is a classic mountain companion that will go wherever you want.

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NEMO Hornet 2P Review

NEMO Hornet 2P Review: Looking for a backpacking tent that floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee? Check this out for ultralight solo adventures.

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Nalgene 32 oz Wide Mouth Review

Nalgene 32 oz Wide Mouth Review: About as classic as a water bottle can be. If you don’t lose it, yours will be with you for many years and miles to come.

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Platypus SoftBottle Review

Platypus SoftBottle Review: An ultralight, flexible water bottle that will fit just about anywhere you can shove it. What are you waiting for?

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Patagonia Synchilla Lightweight Snap-T Review

Patagonia Synchilla Pullover Lightweight Snap-T Review: A fleece that allows you to stay comfy in camp and in town. If you value coziness, this is it.

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Katadyn Hiker Pro Review

Katadyn Hiker Pro Review: Stay Giardia-free with this pump-style water filter that makes water taste good and connects to basically everything.

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Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20 Review 2019

When it comes to weight, packability, and versatility, the Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20 quilt is hard to beat. Move like a ninja through the wilderness.

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