Love the Outdoors Giveaway! $2,200+ in Prizes

We have partnered with 10 incredible brands to give you first-class gear because we Love the Outdoors!

Win over $2,200 in prizes! There will be two winners, First and Second Place. Enter with your email address, name, zip code, and age, and earn many additional entries by sharing with your friends, following participating brands on Instagram, and completing our Backpacker Type survey! The giveaway will run from February 24th – 3rd March, 2022.

Enter the Giveaway below, and while you wait to see if you won, check out some of our best outdoor guides.

Your Guide to Electric Bikes + Top E-Bike Brands

Electric Bikes

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Dog Lovers Guide to Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking with Your Pooch

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

Love the Outdoors Giveaway Prizes

First Place

Baffin – Impact Winter Boots

Coal Headwear – $100 Gift Voucher

Mosi Tea – Tea Infuser Gift Pack

ORCA Cooler – Walker 20-Can Tan

PHOOZY – 2 of the XP3 Phone Protective Covers

ReadyWise – Adventure Meal Favorites Kit + 2 Day Adventure Bag

Survival Frog – Survival Gear Prize Pack

Viakix – $100 Gift Card

The Best Down Jackets of 2022

Shi Shi Beach Camping and Hiking in Olympic National Park-My-Trail-Co-Men’s-850-Fill-Hyperlight-Hooded-Down-Jacket-smile

Second Place

Coal Headwear – $100 Gift Voucher

Cornbread Hemp – Extra Strength Gummies & CBD Lotion

Mosi Tea – Tea Infuser Gift Pack

PHOOZY – 2 of the XP3 Phone Protective Covers

ReadyWise – Adventure Meal Favorites Kit + 2 Day Adventure Bag

Superfeet – TRAILBLAZER Comfort Insoles + Comfort Kit

Survival Frog – Survival Gear Prize Pack

Viakix – $100 Gift Card Affiliate Policy: This post contains affiliate links, which help fund our website. When you click on the links to purchase the gear, we get a commission, and this goes a long way to creating guides, gear reviews, and other excellent content.

Arthur McMahon

Arthur loves to walk. It's as simple as that. He believes walking is the best way to experience the world. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail was his first backpacking foray, and he hasn't stopped since. Follow his adventures and stories on Instagram.

86 responses to “Love the Outdoors Giveaway! $2,200+ in Prizes

  1. I love the outdoors

  2. paul lafleursays:

    nice giveaway

    1. I love Nature and being outside alot.

      1. I enjoy the great outdoors ❤

        1. Good luck everyone I hope you win

    2. I enjoy the great outdoors ❤ there’s always something to do like sitting around a camp fire and enjoying the trails and so much more.

      1. It would be great to win true quality products

    3. D. Christi Rosenbladsays:

      My husband and I Love the outdoors, we spent many years volunteering at state parks to keep them clean, we are older now but still clean when we go to day parks

  3. Ron Sirlasays:

    Would like to win

    1. Me too, it’s so exciting to have new quality gear!

    2. Thanks for the chance to win.

    3. I enjoy the great outdoors ❤ ‍♀️ ‍♂️ ‍♀️ ‍‍‍ ..

  4. Very happy with the products I have bought

  5. sandra slatersays:

    Hope to win

  6. Jim Gailhardsays:

    neat stuff

  7. Robert Johnssays:


  8. Natallie Bolligersays:

    I love the awesome gear you provide! It makes my outdoor adventure incredibly freeing.

  9. I need 2 win something …Happy Outdoors

  10. Timothy Beirnesays:

    Love the literature. Looking for more activities to do with my son who is confined to a wheelchair. Any help would be great.

  11. Doug AllenIIIsays:

    Let’s Go!

  12. Would love to win the hunting package .. Keep me warm ! : )

    1. Kristen McDowelsays:

      I would love to win the ready wise adventure meal and prizes! Any will be okay. I love surprises! Love, Lucky Lady Kay

  13. Thanks for the opportunity to win!! Good luck to all.

  14. Steven Throneberrysays:

    I don’t use instagram

  15. Walking is the best way to experience the world!

  16. Williamsays:

    Nothing better than the outdoors!

  17. I’m always outdoors, hiking day and night with my dog. Don’t do social media. Would love to win.

    1. Stevesays:

      Would love to win

  18. GreyWolfsays:

    Good luck everyone

  19. joe thinnessays:

    I Absolutely Love the Outdoors

  20. Scott Bodesays:


  21. I’m in the outdoors everyday and wouldn’t have it any other way

  22. Lea Patrice McDanielsays:

    Awesome gear giveaway!

  23. My dogs love the outdoors and since my job is to keep them Happy I now do as well.

  24. So love the adventures in the great outdoors.

  25. After backpacking all throughout Yosemite and Norway these last two years, I can attest to the beauty backpackers get to see!

  26. Craig Kaerchersays:

    :Love getting back into it.


    Sharing the outdoors is Awesome!

  28. Britany Doggettsays:

    Thanks for the opportunity! Good Luck everyone!

  29. Chad Montgomery’says:

    Great giveaway!!

  30. Robert Leighsays:

    Don’t have Instagram, but love the outdoors.

  31. I love the Outdoors . Clears your head and gives you peace of mind . This is a great contest. Would love to win…

  32. jcsays:

    This is a really nice giveaway. We all should support these business..

  33. all looks great hope i win.

  34. Beckysays:

    I love the outdoors!!!

  35. Susan Highlandsays:

    Awesome giveaway!

  36. Love the outdoors! Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing package!

  37. Love The Outdoors Camping Fishing !!!

  38. Heidi Cortelyousays:

    Grand idea!

  39. Stacy Doriansays:

    Would love the gear…help me get my family out into the adventures I have always loved.

  40. Kristie Stoddardsays:

    We have a goal to spend 1000 hours outside with our kids this year, and a personal goal to spend 1500 hours outside. I would love to win anything that helps us meet that goal!

  41. Kimberlysays:

    I really need to win so I can pack up and explore rather then sit back hearing about the war that’s happening as well as the mini war happening in Jackson Mississippi. Peace and quiet any day beats blood shed.

  42. Edward Crosssays:

    Okay 🙂

  43. Walking is always better!

  44. Carol Weirsays:

    Fun contest and an excellent overview of the products you have to offer!

  45. Donald Greensays:

    Love the outdoors!

  46. Robert Q. Wilson, Jr.says:

    Good offer.


  48. Judith Stoutsays:

    It would be nice to win something. I`m out side a lot with 2 dogs

  49. Danny Schildansays:

    My dog and I would love to win,. New gear is always good.

  50. Robert Gibbsays:

    Dogs and I don’t instagram, but we love outdoors and camping!

  51. Eric Marxsays:

    I love to hike!

  52. carlsays:

    I have always liked the outdoors in the wilderness where man and nature come together. What I don’t like about the wilderness is, the danger of wild animals and I have to always bring my rifle with me to feel safe. So, whenever I am confronted by a large animal, I wait and see what he is going to do and if he decides to leave me alone, I will not shoot at any animal unless he becomes threatening to me. But, the wilderness, is by far the closest man can get to nature.

  53. Paul A Tyreesays:

    I love to explore and discover new things, especially in the outdoors and most anywhere there is a place to explore and discover.

  54. Fishing and hiking in the high country with my dog!

  55. Shirley Schmidsays:

    I think it would be wonderful to win! Since my left foot was amputated, I don’t get around as well as I used to. A win would give me the opportunity to get out and enjoy what I did before. Sounds great!

  56. Donald Raab jr.says:

    Awsome company and product .

  57. Delmar Mooresays:

    I would really like to get equipment, I lost all mine in a divorce

  58. Mikesays:

    Prospector, fly fishing, camping all over the USA

  59. No social media use in the Colorado mountains, but that’s where you can find me.

  60. Thanks for giving us a chance to win excellent product’s that we can use to improve our love of the outdoors

  61. winning might increase my time outdoors..

  62. nice give away. Either of the top two would be a wonderful addition to my outdoor gear.

  63. […] More You could be 1 of 2 winners selected to share part of over $2,200+ in prizes!Sweepstakes ForumSign up to Receive NEW Sweepstakes Emailed […]

  64. Scott Bishsays:

    Respect your wilderness and wildlife!!!

  65. Dennis Clarksays:

    All good bring on the big giveaway.

  66. 75 and still working at it!

  67. NMsays:

    Thank you for doing this for us!

  68. Sean Elysays:

    I’m in it to win it;-) Thanks to all for the gaw! and good luck to those who entered!

  69. Jill Msays:

    Love being out, in nature. Really got into hiking, a few years ago when I retired.

  70. Janet Scheersays:

    Great prizes!

  71. Michael Bigginsays:

    It would be great to experience

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