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Tiny Planet Pictures: The Outdoor World From On High

A tiny planet is a photo that captures the whole world in a single shot. Confused? See it to believe it, and learn how to capture an outdoor tiny planet!

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How to Buy Your National Park Pass

Why buy the National Park Pass? Free access to over 2,000 wilderness destinations. It’s worth, it especially if you’re a senior. How to buy your pass here.

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Guide to Protecting a Guitar or Ukulele in the Backcountry

Musicians shouldn’t let inclement weather and the wilderness stifle songs. Here’s a beginner guide to protecting a guitar or ukulele in the backcountry.

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How to Prepare Homemade Backpacking Meals

Thomas Freeman opts out of freeze dried meals to create his own homemade backpacking meals. Here are his reflections, a cost analysis, and recipes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Gear on Steep and Cheap

Buying gear on Steep and Cheap can save you money. This in-depth guide explains how to navigate the site and sales for the best gear possible.

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How to Calculate Backpack Weight with LighterPack

Want to calculate backpack weight more effeciently? LighterPack is a free, easy-to-use tool to get you there.

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Guest Post: Dehydrated Food for Backpackers, A Long Term Storage Primer

Lee Flynn details the purpose and process of dehydrated food for backpackers. Shave some serious weight off your next trip.

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Guest Post: A Primer to Thru-Hiking Nutrition

Thinking about embarking on an epic walk? You’ll need to start thinking about thru-hiking nutrition. Here’s a primer to get you in the right mindset.

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Guest Post: Mosquito Protection for Backpackers and Campers

A guest post from Karen Thomspon of InsectCop details mosquito protection for backpackers and campers. Don’t get bit!

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Guest Post: A Backpacking Food Primer

This backpacking food primer by Lee Flynn helps you pack the right grub for the wilderness.

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Community Highlight: Hartley Brody’s Backpacking Gear Checklist Generator

This backpacking gear checklist generator is simple, quick, and perfect for beginner backpackers. We talk with the creator, Hartley Brody.

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Backpacking Classic: The MSR Whisperlite Stove

Beloved backpacking classic, the MSR Whisperlite stove began a backcountry cooking revolution. It still stands as one of the best backpacking stoves today.

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Guest Post: How to Bug Proof Your Hammock by Serac Hammocks

Want to learn how to bug proof your hammock? A guest post from Serac Hammocks’ Jeff Zhang tells you everything you need to know.

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Guest Post: Create a Winter Weather Emergency Kit for Your Home, Workplace, or Vehicle

Lee Flynn writes on the many ways to create a winter weather emergency kit for the home, office, and car. Preparedness is key.

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Learn How to Hammock with Serac’s Free eBook

Get your basic primer on how to hammock here. And learn more about Serac, the ultralight, ultra-cheap hammock that rivals the best of ’em.

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AromaVentures Dives into Brazil with Farofa

Our favorite adventure travel cooking project AromaVentures explores São Paolo, Brazil, using farofa to bring us closer to the experience.

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Community Highlight: How to Start Backpacking via the Adventure Blog

We highlight a great article by Hartley Brody of the Adventure Blog on how to start backpacking. Basic advice for your first trip.

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