How to Calculate Backpack Weight with LighterPack

Want to calculate backpack weight more effeciently? LighterPack is a free, easy-to-use tool to get you there.

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Chimani National Parks App: Free, Offline, and Full of Information — The confluence of the outdoors and technology has been a long, steady upward curve. Some may call it an exponential explosion these days as all manner of gadgets, new-fangled materials, and ever-connected social media campaigns dominate the wilderness world. This proliferation has (of course) made its way to smartphones. Nature-focused apps can be

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Hike Montana with the Montana Wilderness Association’s Online Guide

Have you seen Montana Wilderness Association’s interactive hiking guide to the Big Sky State? Check it out, and hike Montana with ease.

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20 Hilarious One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

We sourced 20 one-star Yelp reviews of National Parks for your viewing pleasure. Experience the majesty of the National Parks — or, not so much.

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Adventure And The Pacific Crest Trail: Outdoor Book Review

A collection of trail days and photos from two thru-hikers, “Adventure And The Pacific Crest Trail” is a personal look at one of America’s great hikes.

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5 Epic Hot Springs in Nevada: Get Your Soak On

We list five of the best hot springs in Nevada. Rustic backroad digs to long hikes through a canyon. Get your soak on.

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Must See: West of the West, A Tale of The Channel Islands in California

The Channel Islands are called the crown jewels of California’s coast for a reason. Watch this epic documentary on the history of these eight islands.

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Winter Hikes: Hike Summit Lake in Clearwater Wilderness, Washington

This normally popular trail in Washington, just 70 miles from Seattle, is a lonely wonderland in winter. See how to hike Summit Lake here.

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Gear Deals: Discounted Outdoor Insulation (Puffy Coats!) via Steep and Cheap

Steep and Cheap takes discounted outdoor insulation to a new level. Find the best jackets on the market for 40-50% off. We highlight three coats.

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