The Best E-Bikes of 2024

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, blend traditional pedaling with electric power, transforming commuting and outdoor exploration. They appeal to a wide range of users, from commuters seeking a sweat-free ride to adventurers wanting an extra push on trails. Their surge in popularity isn’t just a trend; it’s a reflection of a shift towards more sustainable and efficient modes of transportation and recreation.

Delving into the world of e-bikes, it’s crucial to understand their key features. Whether upgrading your commute, seeking eco-friendly transport, or enhancing outdoor adventures, knowing the nuances of e-bikes is vital.

We’ll compare models, examine performance, and highlight what distinguishes the best e-bikes in a competitive market.

E-bikes Comparison Table

Best E-bikes MSRP Speed (mph) Range (miles) See E-Bikes
Murf Electric Bikes Higgs Cargo $2895 20 25-50 See E-bike
Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus $2299 20 45 See E-bike
Electric Bike Company Model R E-bike $1799 28 60 See E-bike
Aventon Level.2 Commuter Ebike $1799 28 60 See E-bike
REI Co-op Cycles DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike $4999 20 30 See E-bike
Ride1Up Portola Folding Ebike $995 28 20-40 See E-bike
State Bicycle Co 6061 E-bike $1500 20 18-24 See E-bike

The Best Cargo E-bike

Murf Electric Bikes Higgs Cargo

The Higgs Cargo from Murf is a versatile e-bike, expertly blending compact design with powerful performance, catering to both urban commuters and off-road enthusiasts. With its 20″ x 4″ fat tires and an extended wheelbase, the bike offers impressive balance and stability across various terrains. While its smaller size and lower center of gravity enhance handling and maneuverability in crowded areas. The design, featuring a lower step-over height, is welcoming to a wide range of riders.

What sets the Higgs Cargo apart is its adaptable cargo space. This feature can be customized with a range of accessories, allowing riders to transport extra passengers or gear, making it ideal for everything from grocery runs to off-road adventures. Despite its compact form, the Higgs Cargo packs a punch with its 750-watt motor, defining the capabilities of a Class 2 e-bike. It achieves a top speed of 20 MPH, supported by a five-level pedal assist and a convenient thumb throttle for easy control.

Other notable features include a high-res display screen, hydraulic disk brakes, and a 7-speed Shimano gear system. Weighing approximately 75 pounds, the Higgs Cargo skillfully combines portability with the functionality of a robust e-bike, catering to both performance and practicality in everyday use.

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The Best All-Rounder E-Bike

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus

The RadRunner 3 Plus is the latest innovation in the RadRunner series, engineered for versatility, and capable of handling a variety of adventures with ease. Its design integrates a semi-integrated battery and a dual-screen display, bringing a new level of convenience and efficiency to your ride. Customization is a key highlight of the RadRunner 3 Plus. With over 350 accessory combinations, you can tailor it to fit your lifestyle, whether that’s securing items in the RadRunner 3 Center Console or attaching a Rad Trailer for significant hauling capacity.

The e-bike boasts a robust 750W motor, supports up to 350 lb, and offers a range of up to 45 miles per charge. Designed for comfort, it features an ergonomic low-step frame for easy access, front suspension, and a plush saddle, coupled with hydraulic brakes for smooth and enjoyable long rides. The RadRunner 3 Plus skillfully blends practicality, safety, and style, making it a compact, yet formidable choice for a range of cycling enthusiasts.

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The Best Cruiser E-bike

Electric Bike Company Model R E-bike

The Electric Bike Company Model R E-bike has earned a reputation as a standout performer in the e-bike world. Renowned for its adaptability and robust features, the Model R has been a consistent favorite among e-bike enthusiasts. It distinguishes itself with its unique combination of off-road capability and urban practicality, making it a top pick for diverse riding experiences.

Weighing in at 56 pounds with a battery, the Model R is a solid choice for those prioritizing versatility and customization over sheer lightness. It’s not the lightest e-bike out there, but it excels in functionality and comfort. With options for 24- or 26-inch wheels and custom features like hand-stitched leather grips, this bike is tailored for both adventure and day-to-day use. It’s equipped with a 750W motor, offering a top speed of 28 mph and a range of up to 60 miles, ensuring reliability and power on the go. The Model R’s puncture-resistant tires and array of optional gear enhancements further cement its status as a highly adaptable e-bike choice.

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The Best E-bike for Commuting

Aventon Level.2 Commuter Ebike

The Aventon Level.2 e-bike is a game-changer in the realm of commuter cycling, an e-bike that blends cutting-edge technology with everyday functionality. The Level.2 features a fully integrated battery and a suspension fork, ensuring a smooth journey on any terrain, at any time. Safety is paramount, with four lights installed for visibility in diverse conditions. This e-bike is not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about enjoying every part of the journey, equipped with practical elements like fenders and a rear rack for added convenience.

The Level.2 is defined by its intelligent torque sensor, delivering a ride that feels instinctive and effortless. This sensor adjusts the bike’s power based on your pedaling force, creating a harmonious blend of human and electric power. The onboard color display provides all the vital info, showing speed, battery life, and connecting you to the wider Aventon community via the app. With a powerful 500W motor and a throttle that can boost you to 20 MPH, the Level.2 offers a dynamic range of options for the urban rider.

See the Aventon Level.2 Commuter Ebike

The Best Electric Mountain Bike

REI Co-op Cycles DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike

The REI Co-op Cycles DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike is a powerhouse on the trails, offering a blend of electric assistance and rugged capabilities. Its heart is the Bosch Performance Line CX smart system, a Class 1 mid-drive motor that propels you up to 20 mph with ease. This motor, combined with a robust PowerTube 625 battery, turns challenging climbs and rapid turns into exhilarating experiences. With a weight of 55 pounds, this bike is a solid yet agile partner for demanding trails.

Enhancing its user experience, the DRT e3.1 integrates an LED remote for connectivity, linking to the eBike Flow mobile app and allowing on-handlebar control of the smartphone Ride screen. Its advanced suspension system, featuring a RockShox Recon Silver RL fork and Deluxe Select Plus RT shock, ensures a smooth ride. The Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes and the SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain handle varied trail conditions effectively. Enhancing its user experience, the DRT e3.1 integrates an LED remote for connectivity, linking to the eBike Flow mobile app and allowing on-handlebar control of the smartphone Ride screen.

See the REI Co-op Cycles DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike

The Best Folding E-bike

Ride1Up Portola Folding Ebike

The Ride1Up Portola Folding Ebike redefines the balance between practicality and performance in a compact package. Its innovative design features a foldable frame, enabling hassle-free storage in small spaces, perfect for city living or bringing along on travels.

The Portola is engineered for both speed and power. It functions as a Class 1-3 electric bike, offering speeds up to 28mph with pedal assist and 20mph on throttle alone. The heart of this ebike is its powerful 750w geared hub motor, delivering 65nm of torque for a responsive ride. Depending on the battery size, riders can expect a range of 20-40 miles or 25-45 miles, influenced by factors like terrain and rider weight. Designed with comfort in mind, the Portola promises a smooth riding experience, making it a great choice for those seeking a versatile, high-performing folding e-bike.

See the Ride1Up Portola Folding Ebike

The Best Single Speed Commuter E-bike

State Bicycle Co 6061 E-bike

The State Bicycle 6061 eBike emerges as a cost-effective solution for daily commuting. It boasts a minimalist design that cleverly conceals its e-bike identity, looking like any regular commuter bike. This model features a robust single-speed drivetrain complemented by a clear, backlit display for ease of use. The power comes from a Class 1 LG-powered motor with a 36V – 250 Watt output, which provides enough thrust to reach speeds of up to 20 mph with pedal assist.

Functionality meets form with its lightweight 6061 Aluminum frame, ensuring agility and durability in urban environments. The bike’s impressive range spans from 18-24 miles with level 5 assist and up to 100 miles when set to level 1, making it versatile for short jaunts or longer treks across the city. Accommodating up to 330 lbs and equipped with 40c tires, it’s ready for diverse riders and road conditions. Disc brakes ensure a reliable stop, while the Kenda E-Bike tires maintain a solid grip, completing the State Bicycle 6061 eBike as a subtle yet powerful companion for the modern commuter.

See the State Bicycle Co 6061 E-bike

E-bikes Features

When it comes to e-bikes, not all features are essential for every rider; it’s the key characteristics that truly matter. We’ve distilled the information down to the most critical features for everyday users, making your decision clearer and more straightforward.


When considering an e-bike, speed is a primary factor that reflects how well the bike can navigate through traffic and adapt to different riding conditions. E-bikes are classified based on their top-assisted speeds, with various classes designed to cater to different requirements. For instance, some classes are ideal for leisurely city commutes, while others are suited for faster-paced, more demanding riding styles.

Your choice should align with your commuting needs and your comfort with cycling at higher speeds. It’s important to remember that navigating at higher speeds demands increased awareness and quick reflexes, especially in crowded urban areas.

REI mountain bike speeding down hill

Speeding downhill on the REI Co-op Cycles DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike


The classification of e-bikes is broken down into three main categories, each defined by speed capabilities and motor assistance features:

Pro Tip: Check your local laws to understand which class of e-bike is permitted in your area, as this can greatly influence the best class for your needs.


Range is a pivotal aspect to consider when choosing an e-bike, as it determines how far you can travel on a single battery charge. It’s particularly important for those who plan to use their e-bike for long commutes or extended adventures. The range of an e-bike can vary widely based on factors such as battery capacity, rider weight, terrain, level of pedal assistance, and even weather conditions.

A higher battery capacity generally means a longer range, but it’s also essential to consider the efficiency of the bike’s motor and the overall weight of the e-bike. For urban commuters, an e-bike with a moderate range may be sufficient, while those looking for longer rides might need a bike with a more substantial range.

Pro Tip: To maximize range, consider riding at lower levels of pedal assistance and in optimal conditions, such as on flat terrains and in mild weather.

Look for an E-bike with a large range if planning extended adventures.


Power in e-bikes refers to the motor’s strength, crucial for performance on inclines and challenging conditions. The motor’s power is usually measured in watts, a higher wattage typically translates to more powerful assistance. This can be particularly beneficial for tackling steep hills, accelerating from a stop, or carrying heavy loads.

It’s important to balance your power needs with regional e-bike motor power regulations. More power can mean easier riding but may lead to a heavier bike and shorter battery range due to increased energy use.

Pro Tip: Choose a motor based on your typical routes and needs. For hilly terrains or heavy loads, a stronger motor is beneficial. In flatter areas, a less powerful motor might be adequate and could extend battery life.


The display on an e-bike serves as the command center, providing essential information and controls at your fingertips. Modern e-bikes come equipped with displays that vary in complexity, from basic models showing speed and battery level to more advanced options offering GPS navigation, fitness tracking, and integration with smartphone apps.

A clear, user-friendly display can significantly enhance your riding experience, allowing you to monitor key metrics such as speed, distance traveled, battery life, and the current level of pedal assist. Some high-end models even offer customizable screens, letting you prioritize the information most important to you.

When selecting an e-bike, consider how the display aligns with your needs. If you’re a casual rider, a simple display might suffice. For tech-savvy cyclists or those using their e-bike for fitness or extensive touring, a more sophisticated display could be advantageous.

Pro Tip: Look for displays that are easily readable in different lighting conditions, especially if you plan to ride in bright sunlight or after dark.

Vital stats are shown cleanly on the State Bicycles Co. 6061 display.

How to Buy an E-bike

Choosing an e-bike can be as straightforward as selecting any of the models we’ve discussed, each promising quality and performance. But there are a few things other than specs to consider before buying.

Online Retailers vs Real Stores

Choosing where to buy an e-bike, either through an online retailer or a physical store, can greatly influence your purchasing experience. Online retailers often offer a wider selection and potentially lower prices due to reduced overhead costs. They provide the convenience of shopping from home, complete with customer reviews and detailed product descriptions. However, the downside is the inability to test-ride the bike or get a feel for its size and fit.

Physical stores, on the other hand, allow for hands-on experience. You can test different models, get immediate advice from experts, and find the perfect fit. While the range might be more limited and prices slightly higher, the value of personal service and instant gratification can be compelling. The choice depends on your preference for convenience versus the opportunity to ‘try before you buy.’

Used E-bikes vs New E-bikes

Deciding between a used and a new e-bike involves weighing the benefits of cost savings against the assurance of quality and the latest technology. Used e-bikes can be a budget-friendly option, offering access to higher-end models at a lower price point. However, the trade-off includes potential wear and tear, limited to no warranty, and outdated tech. It’s crucial to thoroughly check the condition of the bike, especially the battery and motor when considering a used option.

New e-bikes, while more expensive, come with the latest features, a full manufacturer warranty, and the peace of mind of being the first owner. They ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date technology and optimal performance. For those who looking for a reliable e-bike for long-term use, investing in a new model is the preferable choice.

That wraps up our e-bike guide! Ready to dive deeper? Head over to our introduction to electric bikes for more insights and tips. It’s your perfect next stop to learn about the e-bike world. Happy riding! Affiliate Policy: This guide contains affiliate links, which help fund our website. When you click on the links to purchase the gear we get a commission, and this goes a long way to creating guides, gear reviews, and other excellent content.

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