Guide to Protecting a Guitar or Ukulele in the Backcountry

Musicians shouldn’t let inclement weather and the wilderness stifle songs. Here’s a beginner guide to protecting a guitar or ukulele in the backcountry.

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Get Inspired by Issyk-Kol Lake, Stunning Debut Footage

The first video from Lev Koshko features Issyk-Kol Lake, and intersects the outdoors, technology, and culture in under three minutes. Read our interview.

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A Whole Week of Free National Parks: April 16-25

April 16-25 marks the centennial celebration of the National Park Service with a week of free National Parks. Get all of the info here.

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20 Hilarious One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

We sourced 20 one-star Yelp reviews of National Parks for your viewing pleasure. Experience the majesty of the National Parks — or, not so much.

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Find Inspiration in DreamRide, a Mountain Bike Fantasy [interview]

Watch DreamRide, get stoked, and read the in-depth interview with co-creators Mike Hopkins and Lacy Kemp. A mountain bike fantasy that can’t be missed.

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5 Epic Hot Springs in Nevada: Get Your Soak On

We list five of the best hot springs in Nevada. Rustic backroad digs to long hikes through a canyon. Get your soak on.

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Community Highlight: Watch Every Mile of the John Muir Trail in Minutes

HitTheRoadZak showcases the John Muir Trail in minutes via a second of video for every mile of his hike. Interview with the NOBO duo.

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Andante: To Play Cello on a Mountaintop [interview]

Playing cello on a mountaintop combines the beauty of music and nature, essential qualities of Andante, a short film. Interview with the creators.

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Journey Anywhere with Adventure Archives [Interview]

A lot of the beauty of the time out in the wild is just being immersed in it during a backpacking trip. It doesn’t have to be a big name park, as long as you’re sleeping outside.

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Watch: The Majestic White Moose, Interview with the Nature Photographer

The White Moose is an elusive animal found in the forests of Norway and Sweden. Watch it, and read our interview with the man who created the video.

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