Watch: Wind and Water Erosion Timelapse, Interview with Creator

“Shaped By Time” is wind and water erosion timelapse filmed in the U.S. and Spain. We interviewed the creator, Enrique Pacheco. Watch and read here.

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A Wolfdog’s Best Friend: Loki the Wolfdog and Kelly Lund, Interview

Loki the Wolfdog is charming. We got in touch with his best friend, Kelly Lund, to discuss epic adventures and how necessity breeds inspiration.

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Watch: Denali, The Story of a Man and His Dog

“Denali” is the story of professional photographer Ben Moon’s love and life with his dog. We thought it deserved another cycle.

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California Hot Springs: A Golden State Necessity

Need to soak? These California hot springs are accessible, sizzling, and fairly private. See where to relax in the Golden State.

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Kickstart the Freestyle BivyPack, the Transforming Tent Backpack

Kenny Flannery and Helium Hiking Equipment launch the Freestyle BivyPack, a 50 L backpack that transforms into a one-man bivy sack. Support the Kickstarter now!

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Community Highlight: 6 Tips For Trail Leaders by Hartley Brody

We highlight Hartley Brody’s Adventure Blog’s 6 tips for trail leaders. Advice for beginners, experienced, and anyone out on the trail.

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National Park Service Celebrates 100th Birthday with Find Your Park

The National Park Service created Find Your Park in honor of its 100th birthday. Join the campaign and share in the celebration of nature.

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AromaVentures and the Spirit of Travel Cooking

The debut video and recipe from travel cooking project AromaVentures is here. Chef Vababundus (Jonathan Merrill) showcases his culinary and culinary skills.

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Community Highlight: Backpacking and Photography by Lukas De Clercq

We sourced a great article on backpacking and photography. Read why you should take certain photography gear for your travels, courtesy Lukas De Clercq.

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Watch The Fitz Traverse in “A Line Across the Sky”

Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold completed the first Fitz Roy traverse in history. Watch the “A Line Across the Sky” trailer here, and the full thing in Reel Rock 10.

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