Celebrate the Experience: National Parks Annual Pass

The National Parks Annual Pass is a perfect gift to cultivate the wilderness experience. Gift or get one this holiday season.

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Uphill Designs Redesigns Backpacks on Kickstarter [interview]

We interviewed Uphill Designs about its Kickstarter and wax canvas backpacks that are custom made for every buyer. Read it here.

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Maddox Visual Productions Debuts #OptOutside Film Trailer

Maddox Visual Products made an #OptOutside film. Here’s the trailer. (Hint: it’s awesome.)

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Andrew Skurka’s Backpacking Gear Checklist Template

Andrew Skurka released the ultimate backpacking gear checklist template to the public. Thank you, Skurka!

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Watch: Portlandia, Get the Gear!

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein perfectly embody the gear-happy backpacking in their Get the Gear sketch. Watch it here, and enjoy your Turkey Day!

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Packing It Out Clears 1,000 Pounds of Trash Off Appalachian Trail [interview]

Led by Seth Orme, Packing It Out is an initiative to keep wilderness trails clean. They started by thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, and cleared 1,000 pounds of trash. Next up, the Pacific Crest Trail. We interviewed them.

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Missouri State Parks #OptOutside with Free Camping on Black Friday

Following in the footsteps of REI, Missouri State Parks is offering free camping on Black Friday. We highlight three great sites you should visit.

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Watch: Timestorm Films Presents Patagonia 8K Time Lapse

Martin Heck of Timestorm Films made an unreal Patagonia time lapse video. We interviewed him about the process, the volcano eruption he witnessed, and his future plans.

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Explore Oregon Hot Springs with SoakOregon

We love hot springs, and we bet you do too. Explore Oregon hot springs with SoakOregon, a comprehensive guide incredible springs.

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Watch: The 1,600 Foot Fall by Ian McIntosh

Ian McIntosh, veteran skier, falls 1,600 feet while filming “Paradise Waits.” Watch it here.

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